Cranes, cranes, cranes!

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Living in London has made me somewhat obsessed with looking up, goodness knows how many cranes are in action at any one time with all the developments happening in London. Here’s a few cranes which were pretty fun .. and a little hypnotic to draw.

Ellen Li - Crane-2 Ellen Li - Crane-4  Ellen Li -Crane-1

This is another little something from my sketchbook exploring the idea of cutting up the land.

Ellen Li - divide



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Just a few snaps of some ceramics things I made. Started going with a friend last year.. hopefully we can glaze them soon.

IMG_20140123_220324IMG_20131202_220536IMG_20140116_230959   IMG_20140123_220637 IMG_20140210_215643 IMG_20140305_232827 IMG_20140311_212552 IMG_20140315_004053

DEFRA: Noise pollution and how the future will sound

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An illustration imagining a future where jobs become tougher, petrol will be expensive and people will spend more time in their local communities. This was a project hosted by Defra and Cranfield University that involved an afternoon of live drawing whilst discussions took place about ‘What the UK is going to sound like in the future’.


An Earlier sketch

Wallace collection research work

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Just a few sketchbook pages of research for a project inspired by an object at the Wallace Collection. wallace-4wallace-1



I ended up making a large A1 hand painted wallpaper. More info here. 

Green Week!

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This is another project I’ve moved off my main site and it’s one that I’m rather fond of too. It’s a collaborative project with Lizzy Tweedale to give an identity the London College of Communication’s Green week and to redesign some extra bags that had previously been printed on.

Instead of handing out the bags we would have a bag borrowing scheme around the university as it’s difficult to predict when you will need a canvas bag, they would be placed in places such as the library and the art shop. We also recognised that being art students we would be making work in all shapes and sizes so we made larger bags with an adjustable handle using a simple knot.

As living a sustainable lifestyle is a long term decision we decided to use a positive slogan that also ha the same acronym as our university, Let’s Create Change!

Lost and Found

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Ellen-Li-LF-3 Ellen-Li-LF-2






This is a project that I’ve decided to move off my main site as it’s getting a bit cluttered. For this project I was inspired by little notes and markers in library books. I designed a book that would be hidden in my university library. Sometimes what is on the markers makes you read a book differently, they are like fragments of a conversation with the previous reader. The book documents some of the markers found, it also includes tear away sheets so markers can be removed and placed elsewhere to carry on the chain of unexpected dialogue.

British Museum Big Draw

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Some pictures from a Big Draw day at the British museum. I worked as a part of a team to create drawing exercises for the Big Draw 2012: Drawing Shakespeare’s world event at the British museum.








I’m particularly fond of this drawing. A collaboration between me and little Lucia. We didn’t speak the same language but it somehow we managed to understand each other.