delicious. overall look and feel.

May 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

[monday may 11th] forcing myself to start. right. need a logo!


img_1028 (1)

[garh. i think i spent 4 hours doing something that i might not even need for my project. garh. come to think about it. how the hell did i spend 4 hours on that.. urgh. it doesnt even look that greato.]

[tuesday 12th may]

img_1029 (1)

[well i think i might have found a way of personalizing the napkins without actually printing on them.]

3.33 am [photoshopped and non representational menu sample just to pin down what i want it to say. a wee bit waffly maybe..]

4.20 am [conversation prompter cups. not working. at all. impossible to draw without bleed on these. sample sketch. not looking so great. we’ll see how it goes.


[sunday may 17th] new style/identity. limit colour palette.


conversationcs (1)

[monday 18th may] tones made using the picnic matt. adding ‘unity’ .. i hope


i have too many things to do.. urgh..



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