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May 20, 2009 § Leave a comment


this is how the menu started. three choices of 3 different foods. so three pies, three puddings three drinks.


I had so many ideas for how to do the menu. thats the initial sketch of the final idea i chose to use.  having talked to shin, i got the idea of using speech bubbles instead of little planks of wood to enhance the idea of togetherness and have it as if the menu is in conversation.

heres me testing it on wooden board.  i wasn’t sure whether or not to just have the main names of the pies or the list of ingredients i had originally planned.

i wanted to make the text stamped on like the logo of the  company. so that was one nudge towards just writing the main names of the pie. there would be a lot of stamps to be made. sure i could photoshop it. but it woundn’t looko the same. anywho. here are the tests on photoshop to see which was better.

test menu2s

test menu

some how the look of the pie on top bugged me, it was the minimalist and very abstract look . i tried using the picnic matt pattern like i had done on the cup illustrations to try to merge the look. didn’t work.

test menu2p

in the end i reverted back to the slightly traditional looking inky illustrations that i used on the cups. works a lot better i think. although not sure if it would work as well .. if all three look the same as in pies, drinks and dessert menu. I only got round to making one in the end. not overly sure about the hand writing style.


incase you were interested in the little stamped letters. they’re cut on lino like the company logo before being attatched to a piece of wood and foam. (for the bits of wood i cheated. i used the other end of the muji letter stamp set. ) the foam sort of helps even out the pressure and make it a better stamp. foam was also used to make the speech bubble white surface on the menu. it gives a nice even coating that looks washed out which was exactly what i had in mind for the menu.



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