August 26, 2009 § 2 Comments

I some how managed to escape using acrylics until the last year of secondary school. for some reason using acrylics at gcse was a must. Those who know me back in the day when i actually painted (2 years ago) know i like my paints as watery as possible. I was forced to use acrylics by a great tutor at A level. It was definately enjoyable but i prefer to stay as far away from the stuff as possible unless i have weeks free studio time.

At the moment im taking an oil painting short course at chelsea. THE CAMPUS IS LOOVELLY.. inspiring.. and the studio space.. loads and loads of space although im sure its much more populated during term time.

I suppose the greatest challenge of oil painting for anyone who like their paints watery is that oils dont really do watery watery so much, and the greatest mental hurdle would be painting from dark to light. The exact opposite of water colours and inks.


day one.

That would be my first venture into watercolours.. (still life is also another thing i don’t really do..)

Fairly pleased with it, and i don’t have the patience for it but its nice just to be so ingrossed into a piece of work. Illustrators, you know what im talking about!

The second day: The second attempt at oils was just urgh.. difficult. I realised just how difficult the subject matter was when i painted the first colour.. (with no damn pencil lines) i eventually had to scrape away oils as a means of marking what went where. geometric shapes and patterns is something i struggle with particularly.


day two: first coat


day three: second coat


day two: first coat detail.


day three: second coat detail.

To be honest i was going to give up on it.. the tutor seems to quite like it and although I don’t like it all that much but these pictures don’t really show it off that well.

Its still not finished.. but i’ll start something else tomorrow.

.. almost forgot to mention. The stuff takes TWO MONTHS to dry.

Final day tomorrow!


§ 2 Responses to oils!

  • Sara says:

    OILS ARE THE BEST, well better than using acrylics in my opinion!
    But it looks really good already!

    Just don’t poison yourself with the smell, I used to spend hours smelling turps and things, just because I had to paint argh.

  • Shini says:

    When I read this I was like WHAT TUTOR? your context tutor made you oil paint!? clearly I cannot read. Gooood to see you taking courses and going back to doing things that you used to do when you were a pigster!!

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