‘It’s a new toy everyday’

January 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve always been aware of how rubbish I am to make anything nice out of Lego, … well compared to my brother‘s ingenuously to use pieces differently. Over Christmas I took the chance to raid my brother’s collection for parts. Here’s my nutty dancing man with a spinning square on his chest…

.. and his crazy alter-ego.. some kind of crazed cross between Ronald McDonald and St Nic.

Graphic designers tend to have a little soft spot for Lego. Actually when you whip out those colourful studded blocks, it pretty much has that same effect on anybody, that little rush of joy.. I do feel a certain pride that this lovely toy that my brother and I have grown up with have really stood up against the test of time. Lego have managed to appeal to many ages and skill levels and have constantly reinvented themselves for every generation. Not every range is as successful but they’re always trying new things, updating colours and moulds.  I love you Lego.


§ One Response to ‘It’s a new toy everyday’

  • Dan says:

    I didn’t realise how many of “my” common parts you used… Including those yellow technic bricks and red slopes… =O still id rather you make something (which you did) than me make a fuss about it =D

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