WIP Puffin Project Part 9: The scary stuff!

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A delicious cake topped with eyeballs and rats’ tails.. yum!

Perhaps my favourite character. For some reason I find Spider so adorable even with those rather hairy legs.


WIP Puffin Project Part 8: THE COAT!!

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It’s so satisfying to finally see him dressed. I wanted a coat that spoke for him.. and his.. evilness.. so big collar and trail it was!

Hand dyed cotton and silk! Yay

WIP Puffin Project Part 7: Professor Evil paint job

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Finally got round to painting his face. I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

WIP Puffin Project Part 6: 2 wasted hours

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This was such a waste of time to make, it was difficult to make and to top it off I didn’t need it at all. Very frustrating to say the least, at very least it shows the proportions, He’s petite, in every sense of the word! 😉

WIP Puffin Project Part 5: Mandolin!

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Alright so it’s not perfect. Rounded hollow base is made of super sculpey topped with a thin bit of architecture model wood. It’s missing two strings but it’s not far off from done.

WIP Puffin Project Part 4 fabric samples

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So Professor Evil is a bad man, or at least insists he is, naturally he’s going to be fully decked in black. (The teenage me would understand..) So the challenge is to give him something interesting because after all he is our lovely protagonist.

Old paisley fabric…

Dyed black!

Before and after, more fabric dyed black, would make a good blankie for his bed.

Baby blue silk dyed black, maybe a little collar or scarf, if he’s feeling suave, we’ll see how it goes..

The full set.



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I thought this was a little amusing. I cut a block of super sculpey and stabbed a few holes in it of varying diameters. It’s makes a fairly good drying rack, do I call it a rack? and I used it to bake the head and hands since super sculpey can be rebaked. Super easy to make and useful if you do stuff like this I suppose.

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