Lucky in Red

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was invited to the wedding of some of my parents’ friends. It was an opportunity to test out my newly acquired camera. I took these photos back in September. The layout was finished shortly after but the lack of a decent printer, time and head scratching about the binding lead to the delay.

Originally I wanted the book to be perfect bound so that the images that spread on both pages would be able to be appreciated flat. However I had also printed the pages on A3 pages to be folded in half, to give the book a weighter feel and thicker appearance,as it was important day after all…. however all this meant that the pages bent out of the binding.

I ended up doing a stab stitch binding  glued the book in to the cover to a bit of super heavy cold pressed watercolour paper, no inpapers or anything fancy just a simple wrap around cover for a bit of colour.


Homebound commuters pt1

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been itching to sketch lately and the commute to my internship job is an hour and ten minutes or more … (cycle, tube, tube, tram, walk.. in case you were curious.) I’m not really able to sit comfortability as I’m usually wavering in between the mmm.. bed and must get brain alert for work phase. So this pretty much the best compromise. More to come on Monday!

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