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Trees local to my work place. I’m starting to get to grips with two new ideas. 1- Produce more, consume less. (Thank you Jen!) 2- Time is a concept. I never understood what it is to have ‘no time’ until now, working a full time job, then I found, any time at all can be made in to productive time. Three days of commuting allows me to read roughly a third of a paperback book. I can take 20-30 mins of my lunch break to draw. I’m going to try not to say, ‘I have no time’, instead i’ll make time.

On another note, these trees really have the most amazing branches, they’re odd and knobbly and they hang semi curled like broken rubber bands.



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A sketch from back in uni (probably one of those that only I will like.) The deadly silence while the tutor looks casts his eyes on a student’s work and the whole class watches and anticipes the reaction.

Shin’s bike

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(Old sketch) Half way to looking like a Dalek if you ask me… anywho..

Thank you

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The person who taught me to stop making excuses for other people as well as many other things about people.. or certain people rather. Here she is drinking tea.


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Jayne in her lovely animal knits.

Spring greens

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Sketches from Saturday in the park. I had no patience for people so trees it was, and besides I need the practice. I’ve always hoped that when I come to create my own comics, even if everything is shit at least the background should be beautiful and┬ábelievable.


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Marwane Lemkhantar at Westfield 3rd April

I’m determined to make the most out of my weekends, must keep doing my own art outside of work otherwise I really will be getting old. I went to Westfield to do some research for work, stumbled upon some lovely piano playing had to whip out the sketchbook, he had lovely shoes too!

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