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A quick doodle from last night. Little fox is from a Pigface short that I have yet to get back to.


Dr Sketchy, Saturday 11th June

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5 minutes, Left hand.

10 minutes, with background.

10 minutes, include two surprise animals.. I only managed one..

Closing up, the burlesque lady and the man on the mic.

Interval sketch.

I’m so rusty when it comes to life drawing nudes, clothing sort of hides any mistakes. I wasn’t going to post these.. but I suppose bad work needs to be shown too, so that when I do improve at least I can see where I’ve come from .

More miniatures coloured!

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‘Go buy your own shit!’ .. I’m so guilty of this, I always steal my brother’s biccies…




More miniatures! My stomach

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Miniatures – just a bit of fun!

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Heading home is always better than heading to work…

The cat sort of looks like an overgrown devil rat… To be coloured..



Just a few casual doodles to loosen myself up to new ideas.. I’ve always wanted to try something a little bit more cartoony? ( I hate that word..).




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[Click to enlarge]

Life drawing. An oldie from second year.

Character development: the Boy

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Trying to get comfortable drawing the characters before I jump in.

I dropped the heavy brush and opting for dip pen instead which is something I really want to master.

Done without reference so hopefully the proportions aren’t wildly off.

Also I’m aiming to make at least one sketch everyday so it’ll start getting a little busier here!

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