Nova Chiu for Amelia’s Magazine: LFW A/W 2012

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The last of the illustrations I’ve done for Amelia’s magazine. Usually the only thing I hear from London Fashion week is some of the catwalk highlights in whatever free paper is floating around on the tube, so this time it was quite nice to reading up to the hour updates from Amelia’s tweets. Also found out about some brilliant designers which is what I suppose the whole week is about.

There’s so much colour and lovely pattern in the Nova Chiu collection (I’d like some furry ear pom poms too now..) . This was my favourite illustration of the three and the most enjoyable because I never usually use this much colour and so intensely.


To see the whole article and more pictures and illustrations, click here:


Georgia Hardinge for Amelia’s Magazine: LFW A/W 2012

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Love Georgie Hardinge’s collection lovely colour, simple structure and some lovely texture contrasts. The outfit I chose was a contrast of bright geometric and soft knits which was something I had to work with in the illustration, and have those two balance rather than over power each other whilst still giving an impression of the outfit.. It was really challenging and I made about 11 sketchings and 3 paint drafts before finding a something that worked.

After trying to paint the skirt/dress  three times I gave up and used paper and ink to replicate the pattern.

The first test, it’s a little messy and doesn’t look anywhere like the original.

The pattern that was used in the end.

The final illustration that is featured on Amelia’s Magazine. Read the whole article here:

Charini Lingerie for Amelia’s Magazine

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A brief process of an illustration of Charini’s eco lingerie for Amelia’s Magazine. The turnover had to be pretty fast, evening to morning was the time frame I was given which was quite refreshing as a challenge. I’ve never done any fashion illustration before and it was quite a learning curve. I didn’t want to do something I’d done before with inks and lines and on top of that there were a few problems that I was worried about; presenting lingerie elegantly, showing the quality of the garment, making it visually interesting and not just black and white, possible introduction of colour for something a bit more visually engaging, emphasis on the garment and not the figure that it hangs off.

Basic components of the collage.

Under garments added to show the sheer qualities of the robe on top.

The final piece.


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A bit of old furniture upcycling we did at uni for Green week on Friday, still in need of finishing.

Old stories

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At the end of last year, we went to quite a few museums for a project and we kept finding the same legend dotted around all over Asian artifacts.

The legend goes something along the lines of…  a beautiful fairy who comes down from the heavens to bathe, and her robes that she needs to return home stolen by a human man who is taken by her beauty. In the end she is forced to marry the man.

The story, annoyed me, partially because the man is stupid and selfish but also the judgement he makes pure based on her looks, so I suppose this is some kind of revenge parody where the beautiful fairy is in fact a monster…

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[experimenting with ink and photoshop]

Lost and found – experimentation

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Working on a project with markers found in library books and the bits of text they’re found with. Super confused about where to take it, but here’s a snippet from the WIP.

I don’t want to live in this house…

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…where no one speaks their mind.

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