Electricity ideas

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Initial ideas for an open brief on electricity.

Fire as one of the early ways of bring a community together. Today electricity has substituted this.

Instead we’ve become mobile islands surrounded by electricity.

We connect differently and instead of congregating together in the living room at times we isolate ourselves with our gadgets and find new ways of connecting.


Parts of a conversation of shorts…

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A quick info-design idea. I tallied up the number of times I made odd noises andĀ gesturesĀ for communication whilst on skype with Jen. Each line represents every time a gesture was made generating a column of information.


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Taking inspiration from old cardboard packaging from colouring pencils to make a hand sized notebook with fold over cover.

Experimenting with a naked spine bound with thread and glue.

Quick and easy sewing machine binding.


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