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I’ve recently joined Instagram which is probably why this blog is lacking a little loving. I post some work things and other stuff that I find amusing…  My username is Ellencutspaper you’re welcome to follow 🙂


Recycle bin

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A rejected idea for a recent project. It is a part of a set but the idea was patchy and it didn’t look as I tended. Some how still like it though.

Fahrenheit 451

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Illustrations for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. It’s been a while since I did any illustration for a set text. I tried to steer clear of the the images of fire and burning books, instead I tried to focus on the notion of flight and it’s association with freedom that is mentioned throughout the book.

The Library

Daily life

Counter current

The unknown

Loved this project and the ideas generation which was greatly aided by Ray Bradbury’s brilliant imagery. The last two were particularly fun to do and working in new ways. Working big and really filling white space, intensive drawing and drawing light on dark.

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