Sketchbook: Interiors

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I used to visit Bath when I was a lot younger the streets and layout of the place just seemed a little magical. Even when I go back today it still seems like a really special place. The eateries are beautifully thought out by people who know how to make their food and interiors stand out.

A few sketches of cafe interiors in Bath done back in September, I really need to go back soon!


The Canary teahouse


Jacob’s Coffee House

The Rivoli Ballroom’s Gala Ball

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A poster for the Rivoli Ballroom. The actual piece is a little larger than A2 and made entirely out of hand cut paper. Finally a chance to dig into my paper collection! I was really worried about balancing colours as this is the first colour paper cut I’ve done but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


Detail Gala Ball





Sketchbook: Shop fronts and details

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