The Rivoli Ballroom’s Gala Ball

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A poster for the Rivoli Ballroom. The actual piece is a little larger than A2 and made entirely out of hand cut paper. Finally a chance to dig into my paper collection! I was really worried about balancing colours as this is the first colour paper cut I’ve done but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


Detail Gala Ball







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A bit of old furniture upcycling we did at uni for Green week on Friday, still in need of finishing.

The spirits of things…

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‘Toys and God have a lot in common’ – Grayson Perry

I made these few weeks ago but never blogged about them as I’m still not sure where it’s going. I started thinking about the personal value of objects visiting the Charmed Life exhibition at the Wellcome collection. I like the notion of objects offering comfort to the owner and acting as a silent witness to their experiences and their history. Toys do this very well, for example a child clutches onto a toy to ward off bad dreams and mysterious shadows in a room.

I made the sketches above thinking about personifying these qualities. I thought about Worry dolls and figures from the Horniman Museum and ended up making up my own miniature characters of comfort using some recycled paper pieces from older projects… It’s just a starting point of an idea which I want to look into when university work dies down a bit…

WIP Puffin Project Part 9: The scary stuff!

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A delicious cake topped with eyeballs and rats’ tails.. yum!

Perhaps my favourite character. For some reason I find Spider so adorable even with those rather hairy legs.

WIP Puffin Project Part 8: THE COAT!!

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It’s so satisfying to finally see him dressed. I wanted a coat that spoke for him.. and his.. evilness.. so big collar and trail it was!

Hand dyed cotton and silk! Yay

WIP Puffin Project Part 7: Professor Evil paint job

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Finally got round to painting his face. I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

WIP Puffin Project Part 6: 2 wasted hours

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This was such a waste of time to make, it was difficult to make and to top it off I didn’t need it at all. Very frustrating to say the least, at very least it shows the proportions, He’s petite, in every sense of the word! 😉

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