Lost and Found

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This is a project that I’ve decided to move off my main site as it’s getting a bit cluttered. For this project I was inspired by little notes and markers in library books. I designed a book that would be hidden in my university library. Sometimes what is on the markers makes you read a book differently, they are like fragments of a conversation with the previous reader. The book documents some of the markers found, it also includes tear away sheets so markers can be removed and placed elsewhere to carry on the chain of unexpected dialogue.


Electricity ideas

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Initial ideas for an open brief on electricity.

Fire as one of the early ways of bring a community together. Today electricity has substituted this.

Instead we’ve become mobile islands surrounded by electricity.

We connect differently and instead of congregating together in the living room at times we isolate ourselves with our gadgets and find new ways of connecting.

Lost and found – experimentation

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Working on a project with markers found in library books and the bits of text they’re found with. Super confused about where to take it, but here’s a snippet from the WIP.

I don’t want to live in this house…

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…where no one speaks their mind.


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This is a character idea for a potential short story, just a bit of sketch book work, with a mix of photoshop, paper and paint.

The boy is a child trapped in an adult’s body, he walks around at night with a big story book that he likes reading to other children and has a magic coat that can go anywhere which he uses to take children away with him so that he’s no l0nger all alone… I got inspired by the Pied piper, so many fairy tales and fantasy stories have elements of kidnapping children. Even the Doctor was intending to take Amelia Pond away….

Jacob’s Coffee House concept sketches: Part II

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I was asked to make the text bolder, so I looked at the clarity of the text and it’s readability. The teacup balloon got the seal of approval and the text was revised. I tried tried some different styles of hand lettering looking at old letterpress and vintage adverts. I went down two routes, a looser hand lettering style and as well as something more traditional.

Jacob’s Coffee House concept sketches: Part I

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Here are some concept sketches I did for Jacob’s Coffee House in Bath (located right by the Abbey and the Pump rooms for those who want to drop by). The brief was very roughly, something eye catching that informs customers that there is room upstairs to enjoy your coffee. The text would fit neatly inside a door frame that leads the customers up some stairs so I tried to consider how imagery could ease the short walk up. I made some sketches to accompany the text, the interior of  the shop feels a little classic yet maybe a little eccentric but welcoming too? So I tried to go for something a wee bit wacky… like birds carrying cake… and a teacup balloon… an owl learning how to make coffee…

Some more concept sketches using the colour of the walls and showing some of my colour suggestions. I kept the colour palette simple and clean which I felt was in keeping with the interior of the shop.

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