New adventures!

June 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been a busy half a year, full of new experience and successes. I’ve also put together a website of selected work so navigation is a less stressful on the eyes! That can be found here! That means that I can really use this space to show more work in progress. I’ve been doing some screen printing experiments lately and here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come…


Over the last few days I’ve been doing some proper muscle training in the way of moving some heavy hardwood doors and sawing bench legs to make some lovely furniture for our little stamp workshop down in Deptford.  It’s for all ages an we’re open again for one more day this Wednesday, when the lovely markets will open too. We’ll be open 11-6. (Utrophia, 120 Deptford High St  London SE8 4QD… one minute walk from Deptford station). A few more details on the event here!


On Friday I’ll also be selling some prints and things at a pop up shop with a few chums down in Deptford. For other details and info on the other illustrators clickie on the Linkie!


(Lemonade poster design by Christina Tang and Ching Yee Cheung)


The Rivoli Ballroom’s Gala Ball

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment






A poster for the Rivoli Ballroom. The actual piece is a little larger than A2 and made entirely out of hand cut paper. Finally a chance to dig into my paper collection! I was really worried about balancing colours as this is the first colour paper cut I’ve done but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


Detail Gala Ball






February 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

A bit of old furniture upcycling we did at uni for Green week on Friday, still in need of finishing.

Bristol Comic Expo

May 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

That smile gets me every time ❤

Life/Live? sketches from the Bristol Comic Expo. I’m absolutely shattered now but it was so great to meet so many people and see so many brilliant self published zines and comics, great encouragement to just go and make some myself!


May 30, 2009 § Leave a comment


more to come!

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