Cranes, cranes, cranes!

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Living in London has made me somewhat obsessed with looking up, goodness knows how many cranes are in action at any one time with all the developments happening in London. Here’s a few cranes which were pretty fun .. and a little hypnotic to draw.

Ellen Li - Crane-2 Ellen Li - Crane-4  Ellen Li -Crane-1

This is another little something from my sketchbook exploring the idea of cutting up the land.

Ellen Li - divide


Sketchbook: COLOURS!

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Land grabbing

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A part of an ongoing project; originally I was researching our water consumption through the food we eat and the products we buy (virtual water) but I soon discovered that every sustainability issue we have is interlinked. These two illustrations about land grabbing in Africa and the people involved.

Inky florals

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Here’s something I digged up from the archive, I did these at an internship which took place some time ago which involved designing pattern to a trend (very bright clashing coloured florals) that would be used on teacups, plates, cushions, lamps.. These were some of the earlier rejected designs because the inky – watery quality wasn’t what they were after. It was  fun and frustrating all at the same time and I loved working with the creative director which led me to experimenting outside of my usual work patterns. The one below is my favourite!ImageImageImageImageImage


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Ellen Li Elface Bearskin


Illustrations from earlier this year based on the folk tale Bearskin. The story exists in quite a few different cultures, but what they all have in common is a man wearing a bearskin and not washing or shaving for many years (which was actually the reason why I chose the story!) These were some of the more successful paintings done to test out the mood and style of the illustrations. These lead on to the paintings of the nine skin walkers posted earlier.


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Another instagram recap. A part of a set of illustrations about Hong Kong I also did for the small exhibition a few weeks ago. More details about the project and scans coming soon!

Folk tales and skin walkers

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Illustrations of skinwalkers from folktales around the world painted on a really, really tight schedule for an exhibition. They were done in a 14 hour-ish sitting.. (minus the first image). Intense and quite freeing to just consider makes a striking image and to use only two base colours.  Find the cleaned up versions here!

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