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Ellen Li Elface Bearskin


Illustrations from earlier this year based on the folk tale Bearskin. The story exists in quite a few different cultures, but what they all have in common is a man wearing a bearskin and not washing or shaving for many years (which was actually the reason why I chose the story!) These were some of the more successful paintings done to test out the mood and style of the illustrations. These lead on to the paintings of the nine skin walkers posted earlier.



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Another instagram recap. A part of a set of illustrations about Hong Kong I also did for the small exhibition a few weeks ago. More details about the project and scans coming soon!

Sketchbook: Interiors

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I used to visit Bath when I was a lot younger the streets and layout of the place just seemed a little magical. Even when I go back today it still seems like a really special place. The eateries are beautifully thought out by people who know how to make their food and interiors stand out.

A few sketches of cafe interiors in Bath done back in September, I really need to go back soon!


The Canary teahouse


Jacob’s Coffee House

Sketchbook: Shop fronts and details

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Fahrenheit 451

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Illustrations for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. It’s been a while since I did any illustration for a set text. I tried to steer clear of the the images of fire and burning books, instead I tried to focus on the notion of flight and it’s association with freedom that is mentioned throughout the book.

The Library

Daily life

Counter current

The unknown

Loved this project and the ideas generation which was greatly aided by Ray Bradbury’s brilliant imagery. The last two were particularly fun to do and working in new ways. Working big and really filling white space, intensive drawing and drawing light on dark.


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A bit of old furniture upcycling we did at uni for Green week on Friday, still in need of finishing.


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I spent yesterday working from garments I’d seen over the weekend at the Japan Matsuri (festival) at the Southbank. Love Japanese fabrics and pattern for their imagery of nature and their amazing sense of colour. It’s also the first time since foundation that I’ve had a proper dabble with ink again. I’d forgotten how vibrant they can be. Hopefully you can get a sense of the qualities of the fabrics too!

Media: Ink, wall emulsion, Sakura souffle, Chinese calligraphy paper.

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