Sketchbook: COLOURS!

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Sketchbook: Interiors

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I used to visit Bath when I was a lot younger the streets and layout of the place just seemed a little magical. Even when I go back today it still seems like a really special place. The eateries are beautifully thought out by people who know how to make their food and interiors stand out.

A few sketches of cafe interiors in Bath done back in September, I really need to go back soon!


The Canary teahouse


Jacob’s Coffee House

Sketchbook: Shop fronts and details

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Recycle bin

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A rejected idea for a recent project. It is a part of a set but the idea was patchy and it didn’t look as I tended. Some how still like it though.

Old stories

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At the end of last year, we went to quite a few museums for a project and we kept finding the same legend dotted around all over Asian artifacts.

The legend goes something along the lines of…  a beautiful fairy who comes down from the heavens to bathe, and her robes that she needs to return home stolen by a human man who is taken by her beauty. In the end she is forced to marry the man.

The story, annoyed me, partially because the man is stupid and selfish but also the judgement he makes pure based on her looks, so I suppose this is some kind of revenge parody where the beautiful fairy is in fact a monster…

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[experimenting with ink and photoshop]

Dr Sketchy, Saturday 11th June

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5 minutes, Left hand.

10 minutes, with background.

10 minutes, include two surprise animals.. I only managed one..

Closing up, the burlesque lady and the man on the mic.

Interval sketch.

I’m so rusty when it comes to life drawing nudes, clothing sort of hides any mistakes. I wasn’t going to post these.. but I suppose bad work needs to be shown too, so that when I do improve at least I can see where I’ve come from .


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Life drawing. An oldie from second year.

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