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At the end of last year, we went to quite a few museums for a project and we kept finding the same legend dotted around all over Asian artifacts.

The legend goes something along the lines of…  a beautiful fairy who comes down from the heavens to bathe, and her robes that she needs to return home stolen by a human man who is taken by her beauty. In the end she is forced to marry the man.

The story, annoyed me, partially because the man is stupid and selfish but also the judgement he makes pure based on her looks, so I suppose this is some kind of revenge parody where the beautiful fairy is in fact a monster…

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[experimenting with ink and photoshop]



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This is a character idea for a potential short story, just a bit of sketch book work, with a mix of photoshop, paper and paint.

The boy is a child trapped in an adult’s body, he walks around at night with a big story book that he likes reading to other children and has a magic coat that can go anywhere which he uses to take children away with him so that he’s no l0nger all alone… I got inspired by the Pied piper, so many fairy tales and fantasy stories have elements of kidnapping children. Even the Doctor was intending to take Amelia Pond away….

The spirits of things…

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‘Toys and God have a lot in common’ – Grayson Perry

I made these few weeks ago but never blogged about them as I’m still not sure where it’s going. I started thinking about the personal value of objects visiting the Charmed Life exhibition at the Wellcome collection. I like the notion of objects offering comfort to the owner and acting as a silent witness to their experiences and their history. Toys do this very well, for example a child clutches onto a toy to ward off bad dreams and mysterious shadows in a room.

I made the sketches above thinking about personifying these qualities. I thought about Worry dolls and figures from the Horniman Museum and ended up making up my own miniature characters of comfort using some recycled paper pieces from older projects… It’s just a starting point of an idea which I want to look into when university work dies down a bit…

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