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Just a few snaps of some ceramics things I made. Started going with a friend last year.. hopefully we can glaze them soon.

IMG_20140123_220324IMG_20131202_220536IMG_20140116_230959   IMG_20140123_220637 IMG_20140210_215643 IMG_20140305_232827 IMG_20140311_212552 IMG_20140315_004053



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Illustrations showing how electricity has been used to enhance our senses of the world around us. Made using light cast from natural sunlight and ink.



Click here to view the completed project

Hong Kong: Making the most of space

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A start of a little self initiated project that started from my love of the Hong Kong and how the people there have made the most out of the tiny spaces they call home to make a living.






Click here to view the complete illustration


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I’ve recently joined Instagram which is probably why this blog is lacking a little loving. I post some work things and other stuff that I find amusing…  My username is Ellencutspaper you’re welcome to follow 🙂

George Raft: Gold and Blues

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Illustrations for a  piece of narrative about the actor George Raft.

Husband & wife… and lovers.

The good.

Denied entry into Britain.

The woman who changed his reputation.

The death of Bugsy Siegel, the end of a chapter.

Humphrey Bogart, the career that could have been his.

Public image.

The struggle for independence from Paramount pictures.

Parts of a conversation of shorts…

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A quick info-design idea. I tallied up the number of times I made odd noises and gestures for communication whilst on skype with Jen. Each line represents every time a gesture was made generating a column of information.

More miniatures coloured!

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‘Go buy your own shit!’ .. I’m so guilty of this, I always steal my brother’s biccies…




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