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Quite a change I think you’ll agree..



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I’ve never been particularly enthusiastic about posting work from uni, mostly because I don’t think it represents the kind of work I really want to produce. This isn’t because i’m not injecting enthusiasm and interest in the work only because i’m never able to produce the piece of work that I want.

This is what i’m currently reworking on for my assessment in a few days. Hopefully it will turn out the way I plan. I made so many mistakes the first time round. I’m completely redoing the whole thing.

Started from the very beginning. Took the original final piece (right) took a pen and drew lines across the whole thing.. see what was working what wasn’t.

On the left is the body of text printed in actual size with actual column width separated into sections.

The original piece I handed in. A complete mess.

What i’m working on now. The format has changed somewhat and the text is much more structured. This time i’m sorting out the layout before working on the hierarchies. Oh I have sooo many things to learn and so much left to do! Right back to it!


3rd layout idea. Arranging by section but adjusting composition to make it easier on the eye.

4th layout. the most logical, very clear structure of hierachy even if it doesn’t show. Only downer is that it won’t look as pretty and i’ll have issues squeezing everything in.

Off to bed… back in a few hours..


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1hr 30 mins work. WIP. Response to a open(vague) brief set by Phil Baines.

This isn’t the final view. It’s supposed to be viewed at an angle.. which you’ll see shortly and there is a concept behind the whole thing!

Each letter is roughly two inches in height.

delicious. product shots.

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these are the very rushed product shots i took yesterday. VERY RUSHED. hence the ununified colours. i printed them on my new printer, the highest quality setting of this printer is rubbish so… hmm.

there’s still a lot i want to do on the project like show the shop front sign at very least and the name tags i had in mind, little details and also the rest of the menu.

delicious. overall look and feel.

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delicious. menu.

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this is how the menu started. three choices of 3 different foods. so three pies, three puddings three drinks.


I had so many ideas for how to do the menu. thats the initial sketch of the final idea i chose to use.  having talked to shin, i got the idea of using speech bubbles instead of little planks of wood to enhance the idea of togetherness and have it as if the menu is in conversation.

heres me testing it on wooden board.  i wasn’t sure whether or not to just have the main names of the pies or the list of ingredients i had originally planned.

i wanted to make the text stamped on like the logo of the  company. so that was one nudge towards just writing the main names of the pie. there would be a lot of stamps to be made. sure i could photoshop it. but it woundn’t looko the same. anywho. here are the tests on photoshop to see which was better.

test menu2s

test menu

some how the look of the pie on top bugged me, it was the minimalist and very abstract look . i tried using the picnic matt pattern like i had done on the cup illustrations to try to merge the look. didn’t work.

test menu2p

in the end i reverted back to the slightly traditional looking inky illustrations that i used on the cups. works a lot better i think. although not sure if it would work as well .. if all three look the same as in pies, drinks and dessert menu. I only got round to making one in the end. not overly sure about the hand writing style.


incase you were interested in the little stamped letters. they’re cut on lino like the company logo before being attatched to a piece of wood and foam. (for the bits of wood i cheated. i used the other end of the muji letter stamp set. ) the foam sort of helps even out the pressure and make it a better stamp. foam was also used to make the speech bubble white surface on the menu. it gives a nice even coating that looks washed out which was exactly what i had in mind for the menu.


delicious. overall look and feel.

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[monday may 11th] forcing myself to start. right. need a logo!


img_1028 (1)

[garh. i think i spent 4 hours doing something that i might not even need for my project. garh. come to think about it. how the hell did i spend 4 hours on that.. urgh. it doesnt even look that greato.]

[tuesday 12th may]

img_1029 (1)

[well i think i might have found a way of personalizing the napkins without actually printing on them.]

3.33 am [photoshopped and non representational menu sample just to pin down what i want it to say. a wee bit waffly maybe..]

4.20 am [conversation prompter cups. not working. at all. impossible to draw without bleed on these. sample sketch. not looking so great. we’ll see how it goes.


[sunday may 17th] new style/identity. limit colour palette.


conversationcs (1)

[monday 18th may] tones made using the picnic matt. adding ‘unity’ .. i hope


i have too many things to do.. urgh..


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